I am happy to announce that Tyleris Data Solutions is partnering with Straight Path Solutions to assist our clients with data needs that extend beyond business intelligence and data warehousing. Straight Path will be our go-to resource for solutions that require deep expertise in database tuning and high availability in addition to data warehousing, ETL, and reporting needs that Tyleris already services.

Data challenges are rarely singularly faceted; very often solutions are needed across multiple architecture realms. Because Tyleris has always strived to remain a deep-and-narrow focus in data warehousing and closely related topics, we have chosen to partner with Straight Path to help us help our clients who need unmatched expertise in SQL Server database engine management. This partnership enables Tyleris to help with a broader set of problems without sacrificing depth of knowledge or focus of our core offerings.

Straight Path is the right partner for us for a couple of different reasons. Personally, I have worked with Mike Walsh at Straight Path for years, and his integrity, workmanship, and attention to client needs have always greatly impressed me. Like Tyleris, Straight Path doesn’t try to be a “do-everything” data provider, instead focusing on those areas where they have deep expertise and can add a tremendous amount of business value.

Mike also posted an announcement of this new partnership on the Straight Path blog earlier today sharing some of his perspective on this. I am very excited about this partnership with Straight Path Solutions, and I look forward to working with Mike and the team.

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