Delivering Trustworthy Data and Analytics

Organizations of every size and in every vertical have a vested interest in unlocking the power of data. Among other benefits, reliable and timely data delivery will reveal what business processes are (or aren’t) working well, help understand customers' motivations and behavior, and make internal workflows faster and more efficient. Harnessing and [...]

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Cloud Adoption Concerns (And How To Overcome Them)

Cloud technology has become very pervasive, with 89 percent of organizations globally identifying it as part of their IT strategies while another 75 percent say they have [...]

[POSTPONED] Event: Is Your Data-Driven Organization Ready for Azure?

UPDATE 8/29/2017: Due to the ongoing weather situation in Houston and its likely long-term impact, we have decided to postpone this event. Our thoughts go out to our [...]

Which Is More Secure: On-Prem or Cloud Data?

The short answer is this: Data, regardless of storage location or medium, is as secure as you make it. The use of cloud-based data processing and storage has grown [...]

Designing in Absolutes

Designing in Absolutes
There are absolutes that are true of data modeling and architecture, but these are fewer in number than most people think. There is a liberal use of the words "always" and [...]

Data Lineage Tracking in ETL Processes

Anyone who has worked in data integration for a significant length of time has almost certainly been confronted with the following question: “Where did this data come [...]

Benefits of Cloud-Based Database Applications

I still remember the week I realized that the cloud would most likely live up to its hype. It was a couple of years ago at the PASS Summit, and Microsoft had shifted their [...]

When Data Warehouse Projects Fail

Getting a data warehouse over the finish line is hard. Data warehouses are complex organisms, requiring intense collaboration and technical expertise across every level of [...]

Upcoming Webinars on SQL Server Reporting Services 2016

With last year’s release of SQL Server, those of us who trade in the reporting and analytics space got a big gift: A brand new version of SQL Server Reporting Services. [...]

Keeping Data Quality Simple

A universal truth in business is that bad data costs money, and can even be dangerous. Data quality processes are often an afterthought rather than a central component of the [...]

Data Warehousing: It’s About The Business

Data warehouses are complex creations. The ETL and data cleansing processes that sanitize and reshape the data, the relational database in which the data warehouse resides, [...]