At Tyleris Data Solutions, we take pride in the level of expertise we bring to the table.  We don’t try to be a “do-everything” service provider – we purposefully maintain a narrow set of service offerings so we can bring you deep expertise in each of the areas in which we specialize. We work with clients both locally and remotely, in traditional consulting engagements as well as our brief Pinch Hit engagement.

We offer data management consulting and training services in three practice areas:

Data warehouse design and implementation: You’ve probably got volumes of data in your organization, but what story does that data tell?  A well-designed data warehouse can help to solve many business reporting problems, including data availability, having a central source of truth, and consistency. We are deeply experienced in all aspects of data warehousing, from initial design to hands-on development. We also offer our Data Warehouse Assessment, which is a brief check-up on your existing or in-development data warehouse.

Data management expertsExtraction, transformation, and loading (ETL): Data integration remains one of the most challenging aspects of managing information.  We understand the business and technical complexities of moving and transforming data, and we are proud to offer deep expertise in data ETL. Our ETL services include end-to-end development, re-architecture of existing assets, or as-needed updates to existing ETL processes. We also offer an SSIS Enterprise Assessment to help you quickly understand the strengths, weaknesses, and risks in your SSIS environment.

Reporting and analytics: This is the “last mile” in terms of information delivery.  Even if you’ve got good clean data and a smooth ETL pipeline, what good is that data if your users don’t have a good system for reporting and analyzing the data?  At Tyleris, we have the skills to deliver clear, easy-to-use reporting to give your users the information they need in a format they can easily understand.