With last year’s release of SQL Server, those of us who trade in the reporting and analytics space got a big gift: A brand new version of SQL Server Reporting Services. Unlike prior versions, SSRS 2016 brought many new much-needed improvements that immediately improved the usability and relevance of Reporting Services as a reporting and analytics tool. For the first time in many years, SQL Server Reporting Services is exciting again!

For the next three weeks, we will be hosting weekly webinars to demonstrate the new features of Reporting Services 2016. Please join us for the following webinars:

Introduction to the Report Portal in SSRS 2016 (Tuesday, January 24th)

Introduction to KPIs in SSRS 2016 (Tuesday, January 31st)

Introduction to Mobile Reports in SSRS 2016 (Tuesday, February 7th)

We look forward to seeing you there!

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