We’ve got a couWebinarsple of exciting Wednesday webinars coming up in the next few weeks. Join me as we walk through the basics of the SSIS Catalog, and compare SQL Server Integration Services to Azure Data Factory.

Introduction to the SSIS Catalog

The development of ETL processes requires careful attention things such as event logging, code versioning, and external configurations. For organizations using SQL Server Integration Services, the SSIS catalog is the ideal way to store, execute, and log SSIS packages. Using the SSIS catalog to manage your ETL infrastructure eliminates a lot of the manual work required for package development and administration.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
• What is the SSIS catalog?
• Creating the catalog in an existing SQL Server instance
• Deploying packages to the catalog
• Executing packages from the SSIS catalog
• Using the built-in SSIS catalog reports

This webinar is ideally suited for data professionals who are familiar with the basics of SSIS but are new to (or not yet using) the SSIS catalog.

You can register here for the Introduction to the SSIS Catalog webinar.

Head to Head: SSIS Versus Azure Data Factory

Anyone working in the SQL Server ecosystem has likely heard of both SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Azure Data Factory (ADF). Both of these are used to move and transform data, and are both very capable and mature tools. But how do the two compare to each other? How does one determine which is better for a given task?

In this session, we will do a head-to-head comparison of SSIS and ADF. We’ll compare the features of each of these tools, calling out the functionality common to both as well as the behaviors exclusive to one or the other. We will discuss the benefits and the challenges of working with SSIS and ADF, exploring topics including: performance, ease of administration, monitoring and troubleshooting, and cost. Finally, we will wrap up with demos showing examples of using SSIS and ADF for similar tasks to see how they stack up.

You can register for the Head to Head: SSIS Versus Azure Data Factory webinar here.

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