Data Warehouse AssessmentIs your data warehouse ready for tomorrow’s challenges?

Find Out With a Data Warehouse Assessment

Data warehouses need good upfront design and effective ongoing care and feeding. A data warehouse is not a “set it and forget it” mechanism; it must grow and evolve to match the shifting needs and increased volume of business data. The data warehouse and all of its related components – ETL, data cleansing, and reporting – must be designed properly at the outset and cared for to ensure their validity, accuracy, and performance as business changes.

Most data warehouses are designed for yesterday, not tomorrow.

Over time, the volume of data processed through your ETL and into your data warehouse will grow. Often, the shape of that data will change as well. The quality of the data will evolve, requiring more intelligent cleansing and curation. Executives and other data consumers will begin to ask different questions of the data, which means the reporting endpoints must be capable of answering those queries.

Even if you don’t suspect a deficiency in the design of your data warehouse, ETL, or reporting, give yourself extra peace of mind by scheduling a Data Warehouse Assessment with Tyleris Data Solutions. During this assessment, we will review your existing or in-development data warehouse architecture to evaluate its readiness for your expected business needs and data volume. Some of the data points of this assessment include:

  •  A review of the logical data model to ensure that it accurately and clearly represents the business activities
  •  A review of the physical data structures and data volume (both current and anticipated) to assess fitness of performance and good design practices
  •  A review of the ETL processes feeding the data warehouse, to verify that they are using best practices and are well designed for performance
  •  An inventory of the reporting entities (reports, dashboards, etc.) and their fidelity and capability in answering business questions

Because a data warehouse is first and foremost a business tool, the Data Warehouse Assessment isn’t just a technical evaluation. Every aspect of the Data Warehouse Assessment takes into account the business objectives of the data warehouse.

Typically, the Data Warehouse Assessment takes 2-4 days, depending on size and complexity.

Schedule your Data Warehouse Assessment.

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