Could spending a day with an expert data architect help to move your business intelligence project forward?

Pinch Hit: One Full Day with a Data Expert

In baseball, one of the smallest yet most critical roles is that of the pinch hitter. A pinch hitter is a player with a special skillset who is called upon in clutch situations to deal with a specific scenario. A pinch hitter can be a batter with a history of hitting home runs, used late in close games when the team desperately needs a run. Another type of pinch hitter is quick and accurate with a bunt (a short hit) to help advance the runners already on base. A pinch hitting assignment is both infrequent and brief, but used properly, can make the difference between a win and a loss.

Pinch HitAs it often does, business imitates baseball. It’s not difficult to find a parallel between the pinch hitter in baseball and calling on an expert for focused, short-term help in identifying or solving a problem. Increasingly, we at Tyleris are being approached with the following request:

“I just need a day with an expert to help me solve this problem.”

We hear you, and we can help with that.

Pinch Hit Service from Tyleris

Pinch Hit is a service to assist clients who need just a day with an expert rather than the traditional “big-box” consulting engagement. Let us be your Pinch Hitter. You don’t need a big contract or a team of consultants on the ground for months at a time. You know roughly what you need, and you need an expert for a short while to get you moved past a goal. This service is done remotely, either on the phone or in an online screen-sharing meeting, and includes up to 8 hours of one-on-one assistance.

Pinch Hit is designed to get you and your team moving forward as quickly as possible. Although no two Pinch Hit engagements are identical, here are a few examples of challenges where this service adds value:

  • You need brief advice on one of the design elements of your data warehouse infrastructure
  • You’re considering moving from SSIS to Azure Data Factory, but you need some quick advice on how the two product stack up
  • One of your SSIS developers has created a package and you would like a quick review of the design pattern
  • Your ETL team is using an unfamiliar feature of SSIS and needs a personalized tour of that feature
  • One of your SSIS packages just isn’t working properly, and you need a second set of eyes to help figure out the issue
  • You’re interested in Biml but aren’t certain that it is the right tool for the challenges in your company
  • You are setting up a new SSRS server and need some high-level guidance in best practices

Of course, not every problem can be addressed in just a day. If we find together that your needs will take more time, we can add additional hours as needed.

Ready for a Pinch Hitter?

Let’s get started! Send us a request briefly describing how we can help so we can schedule a Pinch Hit with you.

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