Is your SSIS architecture truly enterprise-ready?

Very often, ETL processes – and SSIS projects specifically – grow up from humble beginnings. What starts off as a one-off package intended to perform a single data load gets promoted into a scheduled production process. Projects like this are often strung together to turn short-term fixes into a long-term solution. This is ETL, but it’s not enterprise-ready ETL.

Most SSIS architectures lack enterprise readiness.

 To be truly ready to handle the demands of an ever-increasing volume and complexity of data, your SSIS infrastructure must be reliable, scalable, and reusable. It should be easily configurable and easy to understand. It must be secure and well-performing.

Even if you don’t suspect a problem in your SSIS design, give yourself extra peace of mind by scheduling an SSIS Enterprise Assessment. During this assessment, we will review your existing or in-development SSIS architecture to evaluate its readiness for your expected business needs and data volume. Some of the data points of this assessment include:

  • A review of the SSIS execution history and data volume
  • A sampling of the existing SSIS packages for best practices analysis
  • A list of current risks and recommended changes, along with the respective priority for each

Each assessment is followed up with a comprehensive electronic report containing a list of the findings, any recommendations for changes, and an estimated level of effort for any recommended changes.

Invest in an SSIS Enterprise Assessment today

Don’t wait until your ETL needs reach critical mass! Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today to discuss how an SSIS Enterprise Assessment may help avoid performance or data quality problems in the future.