Building Better SSIS PackagesThe full-day course Building Better SSIS Packages is by far our most popular single-day class. We have delivered this class to hundreds of attendees, consistently receiving great feedback on it. This course is designed for the data professional with at least some exposure to SQL Server Integration Services. This course is taught by industry expert Tim Mitchell, and is available as a public course or as a private class for businesses and teams needing to train several data professionals at once.

Building Better SSIS Packages (full-day course)

Building packages in SQL Server Integration Services is easy. Building good packages takes a bit more effort.

SQL Server Integration Services is deceptively easy to use. With a few hours of instruction or self-study, most data professionals can throw together an SSIS package. However, creating a process that simply runs successfully isn’t the endgame; enterprise-class ETL demands a higher standard. Specifically, well-designed packages will be:

  • Reliable
  • Resilient
  • Reusable
  • Maintainable
  • Well performing

There’s nothing magical about building rock-solid SSIS packages, but it does take some discipline, experience, and a library of best practices. That is exactly the aim of this course: to demonstrate a set of proven practices that help frame the development of enterprise-ready SSIS packages.

In this full-day presentation, we will walk through each of these five facets of well-built packages, discussing and then demonstrating ways of applying these practices to design better SSIS packages. Among the topics that will be covered:

  • Checking for problems even when the package executes successfully
  • Building effective tests for your packages
  • Error handling and prevention
  • Being kind to your fellow developers by building clear and easy-to-maintain packages
  • Leave a trail of evidence: package logging done properly
  • Avoiding performance bottlenecks: tips for making packages run faster
  • Using the right tool for the job by integrating non-SSIS tools when appropriate

This course is designed for the beginner- to intermediate-level SSIS developer.