When Data Warehouse Projects Fail

Getting a data warehouse over the finish line is hard. Data warehouses are complex organisms, requiring intense collaboration and technical expertise across every level of the organization. When it all comes together, it’s a beautiful thing. However, many data warehouse initiatives never make it to user acceptance. On my technical blog, I have cataloged some […]

Data Warehouse Assessment

Is your data warehouse ready for tomorrow’s challenges? Find Out With a Data Warehouse Assessment Data warehouses need good upfront design and effective ongoing care and feeding. A data warehouse is not a “set it and forget it” mechanism; it must grow and evolve to match the shifting needs and increased volume of business data. […]

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Data Warehouse: On-Premises or Cloud?

I’ve been fielding this question a lot these days: “We’re building a data warehouse – should we build it here or in the cloud?” It’s a fair question, but it’s not the question that should be asked. The more appropriate question is this: “What part of our data warehouse solution should be in the cloud, […]

Data Warehousing: It’s About The Business

Data warehouses are complex creations. The ETL and data cleansing processes that sanitize and reshape the data, the relational database in which the data warehouse resides, the auditing routines verifying that the data is correct, and the reporting and analytics tools that sit atop the entire structure all come together to make an intricate but […]


Every consulting engagement is different. In some cases, our clients already have a capable data team that needs expert advice or guidance. In others, clients prefer to have us work hands-on in parallel with their team to both complete a project and to transfer knowledge. Still other clients prefer the concierge treatment, where we handle […]

We need this built NOW!

One of the biggest worldwide stories of the last few weeks has been the spread of the deadly coronavirus, which has infected tens of thousands and killed hundreds. In the wake of the panic around this illness, governments around the world have gone to drastic measures to restrict its spread. In the Chinese city of Wuhan, […]

Famous Last Words: “That Should Never Happen”

When it comes to managing data, there is often a difference between what should happen and what can happen. That space between should and can is often challenging, forcing data professionals to balance risk with business value. A couple of common examples: “There should not be any sales transactions without a valid customer, but because the OLTP system doesn’t […]

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Pinch Hit

Could spending a day with an expert data architect help to move your business intelligence project forward? Pinch Hit: One Full Day with a Data Expert In baseball, one of the smallest yet most critical roles is that of the pinch hitter. A pinch hitter is a player with a special skillset who is called upon […]